Weight loss before and after: Super slimmer shed 13 stone but now wants THIS surgery


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Weight loss: Maria Parfitt managed to shed 13 stone

Maria Parfitt, 30, has been progressive with a layer of loose skin around her midriff after use up more than half of her total body weight. 

Maria has been forecast by doctors she must wait at least five years to have an hand on the NHS. 

If she wants surgery to remove the «deflated balloon» of skin that recoil froms over her tummy she has to find the money herself.

Maria said: «I induce put in the hard work to lose this weight properly and healthily and now I texture like I’m being penalised for it. If I want surgery on the NHS I have to wait five years.

«It’s infatuated me 18 months to get to where I am now and I want to feel proud of my body but at the twinkling I can’t.»

Maria, of Aberdare, South Wales, was 28 stone and a size 30 in January 2016 when she undeniable to make a drastic change and slim down.

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Weight loss: Maria is trying to raise £8,000 for the surgery

It’s captivated me 18 months to get to where I am now and I want to feel proud of my body but at the trice I can’t.

She said: «I’d just broken up with my then partner and my confidence was at an all-time low.

«I endured on a diet of sugary cereal with full fat milk, crispy and biscuits, raspy buttered bread and fried foods for dinner every night.» 

But her effervescence changed when Maria was inspired by one of her colleague’s losing weight. 

She signified: «I saw how well my work mate had done and felt a pang of jealousy. I knew it was often to make a change.» 

She threw out her sweet treats and loaves of white bread and started a thriving eating regime.

With the help of a calorie counting app called Nutracheck Maria started to come to terms better choices.


Weight loss: Maria now has a wager of loose skin around her midriff

She said: «I made small changes at inception. Instead of having a takeaway twice a week I’d have one a month.

«Day to day I judge to eat low calorie foods so I could have more of them and in time I started to inform a difference.» She also joined her local gym and went a few times a week.

Maria guessed: «After a few months of real hard work I started to notice substitutes. My face slimmed down quite quickly and soon my work women noticed too which spurred me on.» After nine months Maria had spent eight stone and was finally under the 20 stone mark.

It gave her a new trust and she tried online dating and met her partner, Graham, 37.

She said: «Meeting Graham definitely helped me because he was so supportive.


Weight destruction: It took Maria 18 months to get where she is now

«He knew from the brief conversation go I was on a weight loss mission and he encouraged me.» But the more weight that Maria helpless the more she noticed that the skin on her arms and tummy was looking saggy.

She held: «I looked amazing in my new tighter clothes but naked I looked like a deflated balloon.

«The fat I’d hutch left me looking empty and my skin hung in flaps.» Now Maria weighs 13st but she confidence ins at least two stone of that is the saggy skin she wants removed.

She express: «A lot of people have said I should set up a fundraising page to get help financially but I don’t air able to ask for help in that way.

«Instead I am going to have to refocus my shell out and find a way to afford it. I’ve come so far I think I deserve a fresh start.»

Another woman who shed 13 stone is also looking to crowdfund for urgery to waste her loose skin. 

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