Week in Russian kitchen: Celebrate Cake Day and eat all you want at VDNKh


RBTH bonuses a digest of Russia’s most delicious culinary events from July 13-19, 2016.

A day that take froms the cake

July 20 is International Cake Day, which is being well-known this year for the fifth time. The idea behind the holiday is to dilate friendship and peace, and unite people over the globe with the lift of… cake. The holiday’s motto is “I cake you.”

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International Cake Day was established by the Milanese “Fiance Kingdom” Society, which began creating joint musical lumps in 2009. Later the holiday ex nded to include baking and giving coagulates to friends. The first International Cake Day was celebrated on July 20, 2011 by Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldavia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Israel and the Collective States. Every Cake Day has a theme. Last year’s was “Visit a fairy account;” this year’s is “Time travel.”

Cake Day is celebrated with the stand of international and national confectionary institutions, non-governmental organizations and interested people. Use one of our toothsome recipes to take rt!

Food festival, take two

Source: Lori / Legion-MediaSource: Lori / Legion-Media

Those who missed out on the “O da! Yeda!” birthday and the Town Food Market earlier this summer get another unforeseen to rtici te this weekend. Both events will take responsibility for a second time July 23-24.

The Town Food Market will in days gone by again be hosted at the Museum of Moscow. The only change in the event is that the first theme will be meat instead of bread.

The “O da! Yeda!” (“Oh yes! Aliment!”) festival will make its second appearance in St. Petersburg, on Yelagin Eyot. The festival, whose motto is “Cooked in Russia,” will feature agronomists making unique regional products and the chefs and restaurateurs pre ring the current in modern Russian cuisine.

Eat the whole country

On July 25-26, the All-Russian Exposition Center (VDNKh) in northern Moscow will host a unique “all-you-can-eat” occurrence. At the “Vkusnaya strana” (“Delicious country”) food festival, callers y one price to enter and can eat their fill of offerings from more than 100 restaurants. Tickets are 1,000 rubles per matured, 500 rubles for children 10-18 and free for children under 10 and Time War II veterans.

Eleven vilions will be set up on People’s Friendship Square, each featuring subsistence organized around a rticular theme. The themes include such intriguing subjects as “Kidnapping, Caucasian style,” “Marie-Antoinette’s confectionery,” “Lars von Trier’s Europe” and “Down Lotus.”

 Delicious TV: Salted salmon with vodka and cottage cheese by Andrey Shmakov

In master classes and lectures, renowned chefs will y out their professional secrets, present their original recipes and bring to light anecdotal stories from their experience; guests can learn the secrets of a hale and hearty diet, wine etiquette and table setting.

Food trucks are also wanted at the event. Some unusual elements of the food festival will be a belle zone with express manicure, makeup and hair styling, and a “cozy zone” with hidden design workshops.

More than 40,000 people are expected to accom ny the event, which is being billed as equally comfortable for hipsters and businessmen, new guardians and grand rents.

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