‘We won’t be in the EU!’ May rails against Marr saying Brexit WILL happen in March 2019


The Prime Assist firmly said it was an “implementation period” to avoid a “cliff edge” but that Britain resolution be out of the Brussels bloc.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show, on the BBC, Mrs May denied a Brexit alteration period meant the UK would effectively stay within the Union.

Mr Marr about a invited whether Britain would still adhere to European Union law.

He mean: “During that transition period, if and when the law changes in the rest of the EU, do we stand those legal changes and regulations or not?”


Theresa May said Brexit desire happen by March 2019 despite a transition period

We will sanction the European Union in March 2019 but at that point we will beget an agreement as to what the future relationship will be

Theresa May

But Mrs May replied that was neighbourhood of negotiations and the UK’s future relationship with the EU would be secured.

She said: “Use of the duration transition sometimes gets people thinking that maybe this is something that we won’t give over, we’ll carry on.

“This is a very important point, Andrew, because this is here an implementation period. 

“We will leave the European Union in March 2019 but at that signification we will have an agreement as to what the future relationship, the future partnership between us and the European Federation will be.

“That’s what you clout call the end state, where we’re going to get to.

“But in order to ensure that owns, people and businesses, don’t have a sudden cliff edge, that they participate in time to adjust to that, do practical things like IT system transforms and so forth, we will have that two year implementation period.”

Mrs May also hit out at Mr Marr at an end claims the Government was divided on Brexit insisting Boris Johnson and others were fully behind her Florence address.

She took no prisoners as she said 

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