'We were so dehydrated' Karen Danczuk talks moment she feared for her life on Bear Grylls


The 33-year-old was doffed off on an uninhabited island alongside Aston Merrygold, Thom Evans, Lydia Gifted, Ollie Locke, Dom Joly, Josie Long, Dr Dawn Harper, Make a note of Jenkins and Zoe Salmon to raise money for Stand Up For Cancer.

Karen has now turned that there were times when she thought things were buy a little too dangerous.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, the brunette explained: “We didn’t comprise anything! When we were severely dehydrated I thought ‘hang on this is de rt quite dangerous now’.

“We take for granted turning on the tap and getting water and you became preoccupied with your taps at home.

“Drinking water out of the tap again is go for winning the lottery!”

Karen also spoke out about dealing with some of their concomitant islanders throughout the night.

She recalled: “You lay down and crabs just teem all around you. The first time you see a crab you scream and run, but as time went on you’d see a crab and propose b assess ‘kill it!’ Your mind set very quickly changed.

“When you saw something put forward out of the corner of your eye you’d automatically think ‘food’. It took a while to tch up back.”

The “selfie queen” was known to be one of the stronger contestants and she also addressed the twinkling Ollie killed a caiman, with her admitting that she was the one who actually bored it out of the swamp.

Karen said: “I wouldn’t say I egged him on, I dragged it out of the swamp. I was one of the muscular ones and you’re there to survive, bearing in mind we hadn’t eaten much at all, that’s the cosmos of the game.

“I wouldn’t say I was egging him on, I’d say it was encouragement saying ‘listen Ollie, you can do it’. He wanted to do that.”

The Popularity Island with Bear Grylls starts Sunday, September 18 at 9.00pm.

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