‘We risk running out of time’ BBC host presses Italian MEP over EU’s Brexit red lines


Roberto Gualtieri, an Italian MEP and Professorship of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee was pressed on the European Union’s Brexit location. 

Sarah Smith, the BBC Daily Politics host, claimed the EU’s red lines could convey the UK is left without a deal at the end of negotiations, as time is running out. 

She said: “It’s six months positively since Article 50 was triggered, which means it’s 18 months completely until the UK is going to leave the EU. 

“It’s starting to feel like we are running out of antiquated if we can’t even get started on the trade talks. 

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The BBC host put Roberto Gualtieri on the pustules about the EU’s Brexit red lines

“Why is it so essential that the divorce bill and arrangements acquire to be agreed before we can start talking about the future relationship. 

“Why can they not be done in equal? Because we risk running out of time unless we do that.”

The Italian selectman insisted the German Chancellor Angela Merkel gestures prior to the 'Tour de table' of the Tallinn Digital Summit during a European Union summit in Tallinn, Estonia

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel movements prior to the ‘Tour de table’ of the Tallinn Digital Summit during a European Unity summit in Tallinn, Estonia

Mr Gualtieri reiterated “very good grow” had been made already on the issue of the Irish border, but that it was a “precise complex issue”. 

The comments come as Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission reported reporters at the EU summit in Tallinn that the UK would need a “miracle” if “enough progress” was made in negotiations before the end of October.

The European Union set out the opposes of citizens rights, the Irish border and the divorce settlement would have planned to be agreed before future trade talks could start. 

Set aside to reporters at the summit, the Prime Minister claimed the UK had made “good enlargement” since her landmark speech in Florence last week.