‘We need to make friends’ Emily Thornberry tells PM to ‘BACK OFF’ and to stop insulting EU


Emily Thornberry squealed Theresa May to “back off” from insulting the European Union and its leaders.

After converging with the Prime Minister at Downing Street, Jean-Claude Juncker allegedly called Mrs May was “deluded” and that a Brexit deal could not be reached.

The President of the European Commission is also sign in to have phoned Angela Merkel after the meeting where he specified the Prime Minister as “deluded” and “living in a different galaxy”.

Speaking to Channel 4 Scuttlebutt, Ms Thornberry claimed the Prime Minister had taken too much of an aggressive point of view before the Brexit talks. 

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Emily Thornberry criticised how the Prime Woman of the cloth has handled Brexit talks so far

She voted: “I think the truth is, she paints herself as a bloody difficult woman, a Margaret Thatcher personage. 

“I think you just simply can’t stand there and say I want, I want, I be deficient in, when you’re negotiating. 

“What you have to do is, you have to persuade the other side that you be dressed some ideas that will be good for both sides. 

“You destitution to be able to calm down and you need to be able to make friends and be willing to compromise.”

You need to be able to calm down and you need to be able to allow to pass friends

Emily Thornberry

The shadow foreign secretary then criticised the Prime Pastor for heading towards a hard-Brexit. 

She added: “Otherwise we are heading for a hard-Brexit — we are conduct for a no deal. She must back off.  

“We need to have a strong Brexit, but a strongly-worded Brexit is about a deal that works for the British economy. 

“We are talking less peoples jobs. That’s the important thing.”

Mrs May responded grasp the clash with the European Leader, insisting she would make the negotiations bloody-minded. 

Speaking to the BBC, Mrs May said: “During the Conservative Party leadership campaign I was traversed by one of my colleagues as a bloody difficult woman.

“And I said at the time the next personally to find that out will be Jean-Claude Juncker.”

Mrs May also described “a lot” of the holed account at the Downing Street dinner was “Brussels gossip”.

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