‘We need a united front’ Rolling Stones star Mick Jagger reveals Brexit frustration


The Cycle Stones’ lead singer has revealed what he thinks about the UK’s rejoinder to the Brexit decision. 

Speaking to the BBC’s Today programme, Mick Jagger bring up concerns about the «split» that Brexit had caused in the country since the referendum.

The stupefy star urged politicians from all sides to come together for a «collective front» in the EU negotiations to get on with it. 

He urged «a fast resolution» to the process that has procrastinated out for over a year in negotiations with Britain’s European counterparts.

The 74-year-old about: «I am not happy about the status quo.

«In the UK, we are going through a particularly difficult weight.

«It’s hard to understand sometimes all of the difficulties we are having with Brexit.

«The Control is having a hard time trying to navigate. One week it’s one thing, the next week it’s another.»


The Echo Stones’ iconic guitarist has revealed what he thinks about Brexit

Harry would like to see a fast resolution and a united front rather than a split

Keith Richards

He added: «I need to see a resolution.  Everyone would like to see a fast resolution and a united show rather than a split.»

The Rolling Stones star was accompanied by bandmate Keith Richards who revealed that the final time he was genuinely angry was 30 years ago with Donald Trump.

Richards prognosticated: «He was the promoter for us in Atlantic City. 

«It was billed as ‘Donald Trump presents the Conveying Stones’.


The rock star urged politicians from all sides to be brought up together for a «united front»

«I got out my trusty blade, stuck it in the table and conveyed: ‘You have to get rid of this man!'»

He joked: «Now America has to get rid of him. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!»

The band’s new visit, No Filter, kicks off on 17 May in Dublin before taking in several UK escorts followed by concerts in France, Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland.

In 2016, Richards utter he «didn’t give a damn» about whether Britain was in or out of the EU.

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