'We have a right to be here' Squatters refuse to move and cite European law to police


In footage infatuated at Jubilee Square in Leicester, several people can be seen confronting peace officers attempting to clear the area. 

One outraged man was seen engaged in a heated discussion with officers, arguing he had the legal right to stay in the public measure out.

He said: “We have a right to be here legally under the residential squatting in a beelines and also under the European Convention of Human Rights, Article 13 I make up. 

“This is a legal protest. It is also a legal place of sanctuary that we are squatting.”

Another smarting protestor also lashed out at the police as she dared them to arrest her. 

She yelped: “What you gonna do to me? I don’t care, arrest me.”

Police moved in to disperse the ill-mannered sleepers’ protest earlier on Friday after Leicester City Synod said there had been complaints about anti-social behaviour in the outrageous. 

A spokeswoman said: “There are more appropriate and democratic ways in which this union can make its views on homelessness known to us.

“Our outreach team has been out to Jubilee Open and above-board to offer our support to the people camping there, but they have spurned the services we’ve offered.”

She added: “There is no reason for anyone to sleep out in Leicester – we from a range of provision available including hostel beds and support for people with downer or alcohol problems.” 

Jubilee Square is set to host the Cosmopolitan Carnival on Saturday afternoon setting aside how protestor James McLean said the group was not going to leave.

The 38-year-old verbalized: “We are not going anywhere. If they want us to move they will arrange to drag us off.

“We will not resist but we will go limp and make them fool around us away.”

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