‘We don’t muck around!’ Aussie PM offers hilarious post-Brexit trade solution


Malcolm Turnbull painted a enthusiastic picture of Britain’s future outside the European Union, claiming he miss Australia to be the first country to share in the “prosperity”.

Speaking alongside Theresa May, get met for extensive discussions, Mr Turnbull said he would look to establish the line-up as soon as the UK can “lawfully” do so after it has severed ties with Brussels.

When enquire ofed about the potential timetable, the Australian said: “Quickly. Australians are convoy of foot – we don’t muck around, we’re very simple.

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Malcolm Turnbull incantations out his positive post-Brexit outlook

Australians are fleet of foot – we don’t muck hither

Malcolm Turnbull

“We will move as the UK will move, and we’ll move as momentarily as Britain is lawfully able to move into a free trade compact.”

Mr Turnbull, however, also said he would push for a trade stock to be concluded with the EU before Britain leaves the bloc.

He said he was in motion “fast and hard” to secure an agreement “before Britain actually hop its the EU”.

“I want to be very clear about this, we are absolutely signed up for loose trade and open markets – it is the key to the continued run of economic success.” 

Mrs May said the twin had discussed “how we can step up our cooperation in a variety of areas – including trade on the beget stage”.

The Prime Minister promised to see Australia’s relationship with Britain “intensify” as the UK leaves the European Union.

She added: “Our Brexit negotiations have started well and I’ve pressurized clear to Mr Turnbull that an ambitious bilateral trade deal with Australia remains a prerogative for the UK.”

While the UK cannot officially begin trade negotiations with other rural areas until after Brexit is completed in 2019, both leaders are knife-edged to begin casual talks.

A Number 10 spokesman said: “A vital priority will be our security and defence cooperation, including on counter-terrorism, and our burgeon trade and investment relationship.”

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