We are the Champions… For Hedgehogs: Queen legend comes to the rescue of iconic creature


The beyond re ir c destitute guitarist is so worried that one of the countryside’s most iconic animals is gourd for extinction that he has launched the Amazing Grace cam ign in honour of a stalwart baby hedgehog.

Grace is a tiny hoglet who survived against the odds after being naught by a deadly fly infestation.

The musician and singer Kerry Ellis today open a special version of the classic 18th Century hymn to highlight Britain’s hedgehog emergency at a launch ceremony in Westminster.

Dr May said: “The UK’s hedgehogs are in trouble. Our hedgehog citizenry has dropped dramatically from 35 million to less than a million in the final forty years.

“We want to highlight the dangers faced by hedgehogs in

Britain today and the warning of how they could be extinct by 2025 — that’s less than 10 years — unless we can stop them.

“How shocking that hedgehogs are in danger of extinction in this native land. We have destroyed most of the hogs’ habitat by over development and ruined what’s fist with poisons and restrictions on their movement.

«We can unite and give these wonderful creatures a inadvertent.Help us spread the news.”

Besides being one of Britain’s top music exports, Dr May has also change the country’s leading wildlife cam igner by challenging the return of fox hunting and the Direction’s badger cull policy.

His SaveMe Trust has joined forces with Harper Asprey Wildlife Liberating to highlight the plight of hedgehogs.

The cam ign is asking animal lovers to produce videos or take selfies quoting one of the hedgehog facts on its website – gracethehedgehog.co.uk – and stand it on social media using the hashtag #AmazingGrace.

The cam ign was set in honour of a hoglet easy reached Grace who was treated at the wildlife rescue centre.

Grace survived after being hit by “fly affect” when she had a deep neck wound.

Anne Brummer, chief supervision of Save Me and founder of Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, said: “We deliver seen a worrying decline in hedgehogs at our rescue over recent years. It is the crashing of man.

“We are losing so much of our flora and fauna and we need to act now. We decided to raise awareness of the summons that Grace and her fellow hedgehogs face and encourage everyone to get interested and make changes.

“There are simple changes that you can make to your garden to befit Grace friendly. If we all do something we can help hedgehogs survive in the UK.

«Without our uphold, there is a real danger they will be gone from the UK forever. Let’s keep from save Grace — she is amazing.”

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