‘We are being CRUCIFIED!’ Freedom of movement will DESTROY EU, warns top Czech diplomat


Lubomir Zaoralek ordered Brexit showed Europeans were tiring of unchecked migration — with the altogether existence of the bloc now at stake.

He said his country had long respected free hand of movement as one of the European Union’s fundamental freedoms but warned the union itself may not outlast because of it.

And the diplomat flatly rejected calls for all EU states to accept some of the profuse than one million migrants who have arrived in the EU from outside the bloc in modern years. 

Mr Zaeralek said: “We are saying that we have to respect power of movement and other things, for which we would let ourselves be crucified, figuratively indicating.

“But the outcome may be that due to these principles the union may break up.

«When you be dressed two million people coming from the east who take your grinds, social support and a number of other things, you can [attempt to] persuade your own people a thousand in good times to get used to it. 

“They won’t take it, because you simply went too far and you did not tell them the reality.”

Mr Zaoralek said Eurocrats were so determined to protect freedom of action they were not even considering how it will effect issues such as pain in the necks and housing. 

He said: “Free movement of people is the basis of the EU. However, we deceive to consider how to regulate the jobs market, how to combat social dumping, so that the like-minded market will not work against EU citizens.”

He said Brexit should act as a threat to those across the union, rather than as something to ignore. 

The extrinsic minister said: “The tragic thing about Brexit is the fact that we sooner a be wearing not learned from it so far. 

«For starters, it would suffice to realise what we did fall from grace and then not to repeat it.»

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