Water-boarding ex-Councillor sealed ‘The Monk’s’ fate as lifelong fugitive


A heart-to-heart parley that Gerry Hutch had with Jonathan Dowdall about the Regency Breakfast shooting was recorded by bugs that had been secretly placed in Dowdall’s car by gardaí using gangland legislation.

It is accepted that Hutch let slip his own role in planning the spectacular attack and wishes be arrested on sight and put on trial if he ever comes back to Ireland.

Dowdall (38), fronted as a driver to Hutch in March 2016, weeks before the AK47s used in the Regency criticize were seized.

It is understood he drove Hutch to Newry, where the mobster be in effected a meeting with representatives of the New IRA in a bid to organise the transportation of magazines and rifles out of the Republic and resting with someone abandon to the North.

At the time, the Monk was deeply traumatised by the murder of his brother Eddie Hutch and was inferior to pressure to get the weapons, which were red hot, back to the paramilitaries.

Unbeknownst to Hutch, fellows of the Special Detective Unit, experts at breaking up paramilitary terror stalls, were secretly trailing and recording him.

During the drive, it is understood the practised criminal let his guard down and openly conversed about the planning and despatch of the Regency attack, which had left Kinahan lieutenant David Byrne unmoving.

Dowdall, a family friend, had no idea that the pair were being recorded.

While Dowdall had no rle in the Regency planning or assault, he had offered Hutch a lift in the wake of the motor hotel shooting.

A court today heard that Dowdall tied up a found fraudster in his garage, «tortured» him with water and threatened to chop him up, dine him to dogs and burn his head at the stake, a court has heard

According to check outs he invited the man to dinner but instead he and his father Patrick Dowdall (59) imprisoned him in the garage for three hours and went to force a confession out of him.

The victim, Alexander Hurley, who has prior fraud certitudes, pleaded for his life as Jonathan Dowdall covered his face with a textile and doused his head with water, while Patrick Dowdall cowed to cut his fingers off with a pliers «knuckle by knuckle».

Gardai only perceived footage of the incident after searching Dowdalls home on the 9th of March 2016 and descrying a USB stick contacting videos of the torture.

The court heard that the injured party, Alexander Hurley, was pushed into the garage, backed into a revolve chair and bound with white cable ties around his coffer and legs and told he was a «lying b***ard from the sewer».

Patrick Dowdall divulged him: «If you want to get out of here alive, you’d better tell Jonathan what he wants.»

Mr Hurley was in breakdown and was told there was no point in screaming as the garage was soundproof. Another anonymous man was present.

He heard someone saying they would «feed him to dogs, chop him up, put ones finger on him in cellophane bags and store him in the boot of a BMW» if he did not tell the truth.

Jonathan Dowdall, garb a balaclava, told him to tell the truth, that he was a thief, who had tried to snitch a car from a person. Mr Hurley denied this.

Jonathan Dowdall estimated this was a lie. A girl was at the door with a bucket of water and a tea towel, Mr Hurley’s expression continued.

Jonathan Dowdall placed the towel over his head and coursed a full bucket of water over him.

He told gardai he could not speak, he thought he was being drowned and it went on for four to five minutes. This was done a in the second place time. The cable ties were leaving deep incisions and Jonathan Dowdall squeaked him: «One more twist and you are dead.»

He said he was told he would be fed to Dobermans, chopped up, brought to Tyrone, have a share of him would be buried in the mountains and his head would be burned at the stake.

He was narrated he was a «stupid dumb f*** to mess with the head of the IRA» and that Jonathan Dowdall was a beau of Gerry Adams and Mary Lou McDonald. He was told to get out of Dublin.

Mr Hurley was delineated that his family members would be pursued and would be dead within 48 hours of his disappearance. The stuff was filming on an iPhone.

Mr Hurley told gardai he did not understand why this was occasion. At one stage, Patrick Dowdall pulled out a silver pliers and said he determination chop his fingers off, knuckle by knuckle, starting with his little call to mind.

The ordeal ended at 10.45pm.

The video, in three clips, was then flaunted to the court. In the footage, Mr Hurley could be seen and heard begging «amuse don’t hurt me» as he was doused with water and repeatedly asked what he was doing with Jonathan Dowdall’s bank delegates.

He was questioned about «robbing» people and accused of being a «lying, conning scammer» as his gourd was shaved with an electric razor.

In a victim impact statement, Mr Hurley pronounced what happened to him «can only be described as a brutal and heinous act of crime.»

He express that Jonathan Dowdall «proceeded to torture me to the point of death’s door» and that his cognitive injuries would never heal.

He still suffered from forbidding flashbacks and sleepless nights, he said.

The court heard Jonathan Dowdall vindicated that Mr Hurley had pretended he was a barrister, and another man who was selling a motorbike required the same thing.

Nicola Tallant and Andrew Phelan ​​

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