WATCH: Young woman shocks onlookers after doing this in a swimming pool


The video, bewitched on Instagram, shows two swim-wear clad people by a swimming pool.

They are both employing a swing on the side of the pool, using their legs to get momentum.

The man on the repudiate forces the swing forward while the woman clings on, facing the consolidate.

Suddenly, the swing goes almost vertical and almost throws the doublet of them out.

What happens next is hard to believe.

The cleaning woman in question is Rhiannan Iffland, a two time Redbull Cliff Diving warrior from Australia

The woman in front then throws herself off the forwards and into the air.

She launches into the sky above the pool, before attempting a copy of spins.

After numerous flips in the air, she quickly falls back down to the get together and lands in a perfect dive.

While shocking, it isn’t just a normal swimmer who managed the unbelievable feat.

The woman in question is Rhiannan Iffland, a two time Red Bull Scaur Diving champion from Australia.


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The video, which has had over 7,700 views on Instagram, bowl overed users.

One wrote: «Beautiful tuck, looks like a blast!”

Another observed: “How sick!!”

Others were reluctant to ever try that for themselves: “That looks so fun! I reckon I would depress myself within the first 5 mins.”

While graceful, dives don’t continually go according to plan.


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Viral video: She tosses in the air and manages a perfect dive

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