WATCH: Young woman attempts to invade pitch – only for this hilarious outcome


A viral video has caught the awkward moment a pitch invader was hit by instant karma.

Posted to the University of Bath’s critic union page, a young female student jumped the barrier and undertook to get onto the pitch.

When jumping, she falls over her own feet and arrives on her side.

whilst somewhat shellshocked, she flings her hair over her fraternize withs and get back up again.

What happens next many may think she equitable.

gets back up. She runs forward and attempts to on invading the pitch.

People in the crowd can be seen laughing as she clambers to her knees and harms back up.

She runs forward and attempts to continue invading the pitch.

What the scholar fails to see is a large water cannon projecting at force.

The woman then rises back up and straight into the street which knocks her off her feet.

She then slumps back to the ground for a second time on the sideline.

Viral video instant karma Facebook/The SU Bath Amusement

Viral video: A young woman was hit by instant karma when invading a plunge

The video, posted on 18 April has since has for one million views on Facebook and 13,000 people commenting on the fail.

Scads related it to university life, with on commenting: “When you finish one allotment then in the group chat someone says the next one is for Monday.”

Another observed: “Well I definitely won’t be trying to invade the pitch during intermission at one of your games any beforehand soon.”

Others thought it may have been faked as she “fell in excess of nothing”.

The student was later named as Millie Grant, who handles the bats Twitter feed and was reportedly okay.

Viral video instant karma Facebook/The SU Bath Sport

Viral video: The schoolgirl jumps over the fence and falls over

Viral video instant karma Facebook/The SU Bath Flaunt

Viral video: The girl is then wiped out by a water jet cannon

Another dame was caught on camera in a very embarrassing situation.

The bikini-clad female can be seen upright on a tree holding onto a rope swing.

She lets go and attempts to swaying only to land on her back very heavily.

Thankfully she bursts out chuckle immediately and doesn’t seem too hurt.

Her identity has been revealed as an Olympic athlete.

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