WATCH: Young woman attempts elegant dive only for this to happen instead


Viral videos of languished dives are aplenty on the internet.

One young man was caught jumping from a unite only to narrowly escape injury when falling inches from a barge.

Another lass has been caught on camera whilst at a pool and jumping from the piercing board.

What happens next appears to be very painful.

Viral video dive failImgur/5ls9w

Viral video: A pubescent woman attempts to dive into a pool

The young woman is learn ensured making a leap from the board, facing away from the pot

The young woman is seen making a leap from the board, cladding away from the pool.

As she makes the jump, it appears to go well at elementary as she tucks her legs under her.

She spins twice in the air before forming a pencil rebuke.

Sadly she does make it round in time and it ends on a very achy full body belly flop.

Viral video dive failImgur/5ls9w

Viral video: Her dive doesn’t quite turn in many times for the pool

The Imgur video has since had over 112,000 views, with online alcohols understanding the poor diver’s pain.

One wrote: “I have done this. can support ouchies.”

Another remarked: “This actually made me grab my midsection and gasp in psuedo pain.”

A popular remark by many was a sarcastic “10”, referring to raise diving scores.

Viral video dive failImgur/5ls9w

Viral video: The poor woman then explosions into the water in a bellyflop

Another young woman attempted to do a successful jump.

The bikini babe tried to jump from a scar into the waters below.

At first the star jump appeared to pan out e formulate.

What happens next is also a painful ending.

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