WATCH: Woman falls onto tracks during strike chaos as France rails against Macron reforms


The lady-love had to be rescued after falling onto the train tracks at Gare de Lyon escort station in Paris by a crowd of commuters affected by mass rail cripples against President Emmanuel Macron.

Shocking footage shows the other commuters dollop the woman climb back onto the platform as the station’s security guards occur to be approaching the scene. 

The BBC News footage also shows the Gare de Lyon party lines overcrowded with commuters struggling to leave the station.

President Macron faces vixen from French commuters as staff at state railway SNCF begin the strike against his labour reforms, leaving passengers stranded in the leading.

Watch: Woman pushed on train tracks in ParisBBC NEWS

WATCH: A woman was pushed onto the train tracks in the thick of the chaos of strikes against President Macron

According to the SNCF – France’s formal railway – around 48 percent of staff joined in the strike to take exception Mr Macron’s proposed reforms to the country’s strict labour code.

President Macron’s control wants to phase out the current SNCF contracts, replacing them with new bargains and opening up the railway to competition as the SNCF struggles under £40 billion of due.

Christian Jacob, the leader of the Republican party in the French National Convention, called for the withdrawal of the reform proposals to allow Parliament to judge the innuendoes for workers “with transparency.”

He told LCP: “It’s the commuters who pay the bill for a bad reform, with a Authority clearly lacking courage and refusing to say what this reform is.

It’s the commuters who pay the invoice for a bad reform.

Christian Jacob

“Emmanuel Macron should have the dauntlessness to work with transparency on this reform which we still don’t recall what it implies.” 

SNCF boss Guillaume Pepy, said: “I appetite to be very clear … the strike action will no doubt be substantially adhered to and his going to make the lives of a lot of people very difficult.”

These scratches are on top of those at Air France where employees are demanding a 6 percent pay rise and own been striking for the last four days.

The rail strikes are wished to take place twice a week until June 28 to effective Mr Macron into stopping his bid to overhaul the French labour code.

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