WATCH: US Navy releases impressive video of North Korea bound nuclear-powered carriers


Fever pitch towards North Korea, the carriers USS Ronald Reagan, USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Nimitz can be conceive ofed in the Western Pacific Ocean.

The US Navy released footage of the three draymen sailing in formation together with their carrier strike brackets.

North Korea has continued with its development of a nuclear weapons arsenal in spite of international condemnation.

After the rogue state’s despot leader Kim Jong-un started a savage war of words with US President Donald Trump fears of the possible outbreak of Existence War 3 intensified.


US Navy releases footage of aircraft shippers headed towards North Korea

US Navy ships were glued by Japanese and South Korean warships and, at one point in the video, B-1B Lancers can be recognized flying overhead. 

The Western Pacific drill, which takes put between November 11 and 14, coincides with Mr Trump’s beginning official trip to Asia.

North Korea has warned “nuclear war may break loose out at any moment” due to “reckless moves of aggression” from the US.

KCNA, Kim Jong-un’s state-controlled course mouthpiece, has launched a renewed threat of annihilation to the world in response to roast military drills around the Korean peninsula by America and South Korea.

The media puppet said: “The joint marine drill almost the Paekryong and Yonphyong Islands aimed at a preemptive strike at major quarries of North Korea was a deliberate and planned military provocation to further effort the situation of acute confrontation.

“The situation of the Korean peninsula is now on the worst form of tension in which a nuclear war may break out any moment due to the US reckless moves for onslaught on the DPRK.

“So, it is clear what a catastrophic phase such war games require bring.”

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