WATCH: Trump’s previous handshakes with world leaders – will he greet Abe in the same way?


Donald Trump is in a family way a warm welcome from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe – counting a steak dinner and round of golf, who is hoping to deepen his relationship with the US President.

With the exceptional looking forward to the Trump Asia Tour, looks secretly at some of Mr Trump’s more memorable encounters with world superiors.

In February, Mr Trump exchanged hands with Canadian Prime Dean Justin Trudeau as the pair met for the first time.

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Donald Trump word: Watch the US President’s handshakes as he heads to Asia

As the Canadian stepped out of the car to intersect the American, the pairs’ vying for dominance escalates as Mr Trump grabs his counterpart by the socialize with and Mr Trudeau then grabs the President’s forearm. 

Another of Mr Trump’s handshakes was drew as a “white-knuckle affair” after he met with French President Emmanuel Macron.

In July, the set of two exchanged an excruciating 30-second handshake, which even continued while Mr Trump pecked the Frenchman’s wife to greet her.

The pair share a great history of epic handshakes, at a antecedent meeting at a Nato summit Mr Trump yanked his counterpart toward him after Mr Macron possibly made a bee-line for Angela Merkel instead of the American.

Footage of the struggle shows Mr Trump appear to drag the Frenchman close, while Mr Macron hoodwinks back.

Eventually, the French President can be seen putting his hand on the American’s arm as Mr Macron judges to free himself from Mr Trump’s clutches.

Mr Trump’s Asia sightsee will begin in Japan, on Sunday, November 5. The American require likely engage with Shinzo Abe with one of his trademark handshakes.

The American will then head to South Korea, on Tuesday. Likely with North Korea on his self-confident, Mr Trump will meet South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

The Drained House said: “The President will speak at the National Assembly, where he ordain celebrate the enduring alliance and friendship between the United States and the Republic of Korea, and roar on the international community to join together in maximising pressure on North Korea.”

Mr Trump compel then travel to China, Vietnam and the Philippines to concludes his tour of Asia. 

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