WATCH: Truck driver skids out of control on motorway — only for this to happen behind him


A viral video has lay two lorries struggling to drive on an icey motorway in China.

The red lorry in appearance can be seen driving at speed when it tries to turn slightly.

They apace lose control on what appears to be an slippery road, perhaps due to the bad visibility and sick conditions.

Their back wheels skid out of control and it quickly does a 180 standing turn on the road.

What happens next is miraculous.

Although an accident, the two lorries then come up to skid out of control in perfect synchronisation.

The blue lorry behind the driver observes them losing control and tries to turn to avoid a collision.

Although an calamity, the two lorries then appear to skid out of control in perfect synchronisation.

They both into to a stop without any other cars around and no-one appears dejected.

Despite the blue lorry hitting the barrier, it continues to drive on marginally and also seems to be in one piece.

The video has had nearly 500,000 views already on Imgur and has generated much hilarity online.

Viral video lorry crashImgur/U01HVme

Viral video: Two lorries drove on a motorway in bad weather

One Imgur decided to grade their fine twirl: “7/10, I had to dock points for the blue truck hitting the wall.”

Another buyer deemed it much better, giving it an “8/10.”

Others saw a lucrative deal in the down: “Synchronized truck driving would make a great Netflix series.”

Thankfully at least one living soul was concerned about the drivers.

Another remarked: “Imagine being red junk. How confused you’d be after that first 180.”

Viral video lorry crashImgur/U01HVme

Viral video: After skidding in tandem, they both make for a acquire to a halt on the road

Another lorry driver was caught in a disaster when driving included a low bridge.

Their trailer failed to go down and instead was elevated behind the cab traffic.

It then slams into the bridge, crumpling and throwing the contents all once again the road.

No-one was hurt but the bridge was shut and dismantled in case the form and integrity of it was damaged.

An investigation as launched to find if the blame lied with the driver or the lorry processes.

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