WATCH: Tory MP’s classic response to Labour Remoaner’s Brexit whining


Tom Tugendhat looked up to the heavens after Intimation Brexit Minister Matthew Pennycook said Brexit progress necessary to have “transparency”.

Labour has claimed the Government is not giving Parliament enough say on Brexit and at onced that a set of disclosed papers on the economic impact of leaving the European Fraternity be released, despite a warning that it could hamper Brexit talks. 

Speaking on Everyday Politics, Mr Pennycook said: “The Brexit Select Committee bearing in bent has a government majority on it. 

“It has very serious parliamentarians that have been scrutinising the whole kit process in minute detail.


Tom Tugendhat looked to the heavens after Matthew Pennycook’s say discusses on Brexit transparency

It’s about transparency, it’s about Parliament actually irresistible back control of the process

Matthew Pennycook

“We think they should be masterful to see these studies because this is about us representing our constituents aware the impact of different scenarios and then being able to make a mull over judgement on their behalf.

“It’s about transparency, it’s about Parliament as a matter of fact taking back control of the process.”

But Mr Tugendhat argued MPS were talking there Brexit “pretty much every day” for “several Hours”.

He asserted: “I think it would be hard to argue that parliament is not having its opening to debate, discuss or ask questions. 

Labour MPs have used an arcane formal rule, known as the “humble address”, to release studies into the mercantile impact of Brexit.

The motion was passed unanimously by MPs but many have 

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