WATCH: Theresa May SAVAGES Corbyn over Labour’s SHOCK £500bn borrowing plans during PMQs


This is the import Prime Minister Theresa May dismantled Jeremy Corbyn’s plans to refer to £500bn deepening the UK’s debt.

Speaking during PMQs, Mrs May said: “That’s the occur of the economy we were left by the Labour party in government. And what does the Rational Honourable gentleman want to do?”

“He wants to borrow £500bn more that order make the situation worse and leave even less money for universities and hospitals.”

Theresa May delivers epic corbyn slapdown on labour borrowingPARLIAMENT TV

Mrs May blasted the Labour government for leaving UK in debt

Mrs May’s reply came after Mr Corbyn attacked the Tory Government for cuts to tutelage and health.

Mr Corbyn said: “Our school budgets are being cut, more people sit tight longer for treatment on the National Health Service, more elderly and ruined not getting the social care they need. Does the Prime Man think it is acceptable that when it comes to paying taxes there is one dismiss for the super-rich and another for the rest of us?”

Mrs May said the government was committed to fighting tax lying and blasted Labour for opposing Tory measures to counteract tax avoidance.

She disclosed: “Tax loopholes are closed where appropriate. HMRC does want to congregate taxes, that is its job.

“HMRC takes issues of tax avoidance very soberly and this government has taken action which was not taken in a Labour Administration.

“It was the Labour Party that opposed anti-tax avoidance and evasion measures caused by this Conservative Government. His party stopped it.”

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