WATCH: The heart-stopping moment a DEADLY crocodile launches at a camera


A day wondered what it would be like to have a close encounter with a crocodile? 

This video arrests the terrifying moment a croc goes in for the kill… with a GoPro camera.

The camera-shy reptile is opening seen rising up out of the sea on the beach. 

It sticks its giant head out of the shallow qualifies, tempted by a bloody meal waiting for him on the sand. 

The saltwater chomper planes lithely along the ground, before opening its enormous mouth and chowing down on its bits snack. 

Showing off a zoomed-in view of the power of its teeth, the croc cleaves its jaws to gulp down the meal, as a seagull close by scurries away out of inspection. 

Once it’s swallowed, the dinosaur-like reptile moves onto its next undoubtedly – or so it thinks. 

In a hair-rising move, it turns its attention to the GoPro further up the run aground and moves in for the kill. 

Within seconds, it has knocked the camera over in its take on to make a meal of it. 

The shot captures a close-up look of the croc’s furfuraceous skin. 

It’s believed the footage was shot in Australia – where the creatures are markedly popular in the north. 

Saltwater crocodiles are the largest reptiles on the planet and can reach up to 23 feet lengthy. 

GoPros have built a solid reputation for capturing heart-stopping shut up shop encounters with terrifying animals. 

An Australian spearfisher got the fright of his moving spirit – and the shot of it too – when he was attacked by a shark while wearing a GoPro. 

The 19-year-old man was out swimming with friends off the west sea-coast when a shark started circling below him. 

He poked the giant fish to try to away it but that only aggravated the shark – which flipped around and abandoned at the camera. 

The animal chomped down – puncturing the fisherman’s wetsuit – but swam off to do a bunk him with his life. 

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