WATCH: Terrifying moment huge ship is hit by 100ft mega wave during monster storm


Had the get out been smaller, the force of the wall of water could have spelled misfortune

It’s enough to turn your stomach just by watching it — footage play the exact moment a ship was engulfed by a monster wave. 

The vessel was out in the North Sea when it dueled a fierce storm.

Video showed the bow of the ship as a 100ft wave wave actioned towards it, finally hitting it in a crushing blow. 

Had the ship been smaller, the enforce of the wall of water could have spelled disaster. 

video ship storm wave North SeaYOUTUBE

Video shows the prodigious ship battling a monster storm in the North Sea

Incredibly, a Scottish man could be heard in the video take the mickey out of as the menacing wave struck. 

In between laughs, he said: “That’s f****** terrifying!” 

The shocking footage has gone viral since it was shared online. 

Uploaded to Youtube, the video has been judged 5.5 million times since January last year.

video ship storm wave North SeaYOUTUBE

Video arrived the bow of the ship being engulfed by a 100ft wave

One user wrote: “That shrug off was the scariest part” while another thought the man was “laughing at the face of obliteration”.

The North Sea, where the footage was filmed, is in the Atlantic Ocean, between the UK and Norway. 

Big ships are well equipped to withstand violent weather out in open waters, but it doesn’t allow to pass the experience any less shocking for those on board. 


Video from the dispatch was captured in the midst of the North Sea next to the UK

The pool area revealed how wildly the carry was rocking as water splashed over every surface. 

Huge quantities of water sloshed out of the pool and onto decks as the storm raged. 

A video pinched on another cruise ship showed the effects of a monster storm with 120mph gusts. 

The severe weather event in February last year caused the scram’s itinerary to be cancelled.

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