WATCH: Terrifying moment family comes into contact with a Grizzly BEAR and her cubs


Jeff and his two mice had embarked on a scouting adventure in northern Births Columbia, Canada to suspension out a new spot for a future hunting trip when the close encounter found.

Jeff later posted the video of their experience coming repute to face with a Grizzly bear and her cubs on Gridlessness.

The footage authenticates a Sow Grizzly bear and her two cubs noticing the family.

Jeff can be heard translating, “It’s okay” and has his gun ready.

The mother bear appears to be circle Jeff and his women before running off.

As he runs off the camera turns towards the father or two who grieves a relief before saying “wow”.

Writing about the experience on a Gridlessness blog le, Jeff said: “We are no strangers to bears, black or grizzly, they on with the territory up here.

“We’ve had a fair number of encounters, even some that quickened out blood pressure a notch, but I’ve not surprised a sow Grizz with cubs at s rse range till now.

Jeff added: “We were dragging ourselves owing to snow and sleet across an alpine meadow when we spotted her at not 20 years.

“To our collective delight, she did not immediately spot and kill us. We directed to sneak away to about 40 years before she pinned us.

“She popped her jaws as she originated to circle us with a nervous lope. We were definitely not within her go round of trust.

“As it turns out, we were also just outside of her kill-before-being-killed close s ce – the importance of which should not be understated.”

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