WATCH: Terrifying moment bear OPENS car door while horrified children scream


An wonderful video has emerged of the animal standing on its back legs and snatching divulge the ssenger door of a car on safari, shocking everyone inside.

During a excursion to an American rk a family of tourists.

The swift man-like movement was so lively the family had no time to react – or lock the doors.

A male ssenger get ones handed the door from the inside, starting a tug-or-war, while the children in the car squealed in horror.

In fact, the screams were so deafening, the person filming moderated the clip’s volume.

Speaking in English at the end of the clip a woman tells the lasses to “stop screaming” despite the terrifying ordeal.

The footage was posted on LiveLeak where commenters criticised the voyager that wrestled with the bear for the door, since he did it all without descending his camera.

One said: “I would’ve dropped the camera to make sure I arranged the door as quick as possible.”

And another added: “Drop the camera and use both around the corner hand in hands. Don’t jeo rdise your family’s safety over a camera.”

The news revives after a seven-year-old boy who went missing for six days in bear-infested woods was incredibly institute unharmed.

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