WATCH: Terrifying moment a woman is bitten by a shark and dragged into the ocean


A shark has been coated biting a woman’s finger as she fed the animals off the back of a boat in western Australia.

The alarming viral video grants Melissa Brunning of Perth, Australia, crouching down to give commons to four tawny nurse sharks while on a two-week holiday in Dugong Bay.

But the about soon gives way to horror as one particularly peckish shark clamps down on Melissa’s hit and drags her into the water.

She can be heard screaming frantically as she flails in the wastefully before a male companion moves to drag her out.

Melissa, 34, forecast 7 News Melbourne that she thought she’d lost her finger it was so painful.

Take note of: Terrifying viral video captures moment shark bites Australian number and drags her into the ocean

“It happened so quickly,” she said. “It felt get a bang it was shredding off the bone,” she said. “I couldn’t even look at the finger because I cogitation it was gone.”

Mercifully the finger was still attached –  although it was badly wounded.

Due to the relatively remote location of the boat, Melissa didn’t immediately go to convalescent home for treatment as she hoped it would heal.

However, after the wound developed so seriously infected she went to hospital in Perth for an operation to have it cleaned out.

It was there that she detected she had suffered a torn ligament and a bone fracture.

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WATCH: Terrifying viral video captures moment shark snacks Australian woman and drags her into the oc

New 7 Melbourne

Viral video shows Melissa Brunning crouching down to turn food to four tawny nurse sharks

News 7 Melbourme

One peculiarly peckish shark clamps down on Melissa’s finger and drags her into the bottled water

Melissa has said that she knows she was in the wrong that day. 

“Please let me encourage you all, this is NOT a shark ‘attack’ this is me doing a silly thing and affliction a consequence,” she said in an online post.

“The water is their domain… and we should rise and admire them from a far.” 

The message, she told 7 News, is to be mindful of your borderings and to not feed sharks.

Tawny nurse sharks are normally a placid species but they tease powerful jaws and multiple rows of sharp teeth.

News 7 Melbourne

Viral video: She can be informed entertained screaming frantically as she flails in the water

Due to their relatively calm decision adventurous scuba divers have been known to touch tawny minister to sharks, although a few non-fatal attacks have been recorded when they were “felt” by divers.

Their size and strength can make them dangerous.

Their subsistence consists of a variety of bottom dwelling lobsters, crabs, sea urchins, reef fishes (subsuming surgeonfish and siganids), octopus, other invertebrates and occasionally sea snakes.

When they dig up prey, tawny nurse sharks places their small boasts very close to the creature and use their large pharynx as a powerful suction inspire.

Last month a video went viral of two young children swimming in the sea, exclusive to be surrounded by two killer whales  who follow them through the water.

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