WATCH: Surprising moment killer whale leaps out the water and does THIS


Footage of a assassin whale leaping out the water towards some seagulls has gone viral.

The hit man whale or orcas, as they are sometimes known, as is first seen nudge its nose out of what appears to be a pool.

Perched on the side of the pool are some seagulls.

Some of the seagulls dip their grabs into the waters and go nearer to the whale, who at this point appears to be innocuous.

The killer whale waits, biding its time, watching the seagull.

At one juncture it drifts backwards as though it is going to go back under water.

Then feverishly the big fish launches itself out the water and grabs one of the seagulls in its mouth.

The behemoth mammal then takes the seagull, whose wing can still be assisted flapping, under the water.

The video was uploaded to Imgur yesterday and has since clocked up approaching 187,000 views.

Hundreds of viewers have gone on comment on what they explained as an “incredible” video.

One person wrote: “Oraca [sic.] are a*******. I mean they’re swift but they are the only animal I’ve ever seen that seem not unlike they could legit be j****.”

Another joked saying: “All the birds were cast ‘somethings fishy about this’.”

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