WATCH: Surfer surprised to be joined by THIS unsuspecting companion on the beach


Surfing can be a imagined sport to watch with impressive tricks and flips.

However, enter in can be much harder for humans to do.

Yet one animal decided to take his chance and extend to one unsuspecting kite-surfer.

It makes for an amusing watch as the duo come together.

The fluffy companion manages to keep up with him fully well as he joins him down the beach

The video shows a kite-surfer veiling his tricks along the beach.

However, the camera shows an excited dog meet alongside him.

The fluffy companion manages to keep up with him quite opulently as he joins him down the beach.

Yet eventually the speed of the board manages to forget the dog behind.

viral video surf animal Imgur/EC9dC5n

The surfer was scared to see his animal join him in a viral video

Viewers questioned other point of views of the situation.

One wrote: “I’m just imagining the owner of the dog running down strand p***** off.”

Yet users couldn’t resist a good pun.

Another commented: “Essential have some boarder collie in him.”

viral video dog surfer friendsImgur/EC9dC5n

The dog happily keeps up with the man surfing along the strand

Animals on camera rarely do exactly what they are expected.

One man was stupefied by the action of an elephant he was attempting to stroke.

The video shows the animal fly off the handling his ears at him whilst eating.

No one could have expected what was to upon next.

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