WATCH: Stomach-churning moment plane passenger finds a MAGGOT crawling in his food


A Delta voyager was disgusted when he discovered a live maggot crawling around his cover of food. The unnamed man was travelling first class with US airline Delta from Detroit to Seattle when he spotted the revolting sight. A shocking viral video captures the disturbing scene unravelling centre of his in-flight meal. It shows the tiny green-coloured maggot slowly flying up the side of the plate of unfinished food.

At first, it could be mistaken for being let go of the salad and could pass for a bit of food.

But there’s no denying the live critter’s being as it crawls around the food.

The stomach-churning footage was shared online by Matthew Klink on his blog Current and Lets Fly.

Klink quipped that the discovery of the maggot gave a by new meaning to the term “organic.”

The blogger also claims to have complete Delta’s response when the passenger complained.

He said Delta apologised for the macabre addition to the first class meal and offered the man $50 in compensation.

Klink share in the alleged email from Delta Customer Care on his blog.

“We’re chef-doeuvre hard with our food vendors to offer consistent, quality lunch and dinner break ups that appeal to all of our passengers,” said Delta.

“However, it’s clear we subsided the ball during this trip. Please know that I’m predilection your concerns directly to our In-Flight and Catering Vendor leadership get, in hopes of preventing this type of event from happening again in the to be to come.

“While I can’t go back and change your experience, I’d like to provide you with a $50 Delta Option gift so you can have a better meal on us.”

Klink claims the passenger state, after hearing of this monetary offer: “Who is really thinking on every side dining out when you’ve just eaten a tainted meal?”

A Delta spokesperson demand thated Sun Online Travel: “Delta requires all food-service partners to adhere to iron-fisted regulations to ensure the safety and quality of our onboard meals.

“We have been in shortest contact with this customer to apologise for their experience, and would rather taken immediate action with our catering partner to investigate the place.” has contacted Delta Airlines for further comment on the incident.

This week London Stansted Airport sent a new sandwich “packed with flavour – even at 35,000 feet,” which holidaymakers can buy and deprecate on board – with the flavour said to be untouched. 

The transport hub has teamed up with self-indulgence food outlet, Not Always Caviar, to whip up better than general butties with a taste they claim is actually enhanced – not moderated – at altitude.

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