WATCH: Shocking moment plane crashes into trees…only for THIS to happen


A viral video has emerged that give someone an idea ofs a terrifying scene when a plane loses control.

The plane was being propelled by 79-year-old pilot Manfred Frost in Connecticut in the US.

Despite the crash, Frost miraculously subsisted with only minor injuries.

Whilst Manfred told NBC, «I was totally fortunate I got out of it without any real injuries,» it is a scary watch.

viral video plane crash imgurImgur

Viral video shows the significance a plane crashes into a tree, only to land safely

The airliner then crashes into a tree, as the wings get caught in the branches

The Imgur video, which has since been viewed upon 138,000 times, shows CCTV footage of the light aircraft plummeting at bottom a car park as it loses control.

The plane then crashes into a tree, as the wings get grasped in the branches.

The scary moment causes the plane to flip over, out b shake off it to the ground.

However, in a shocking ending, the plane lands in the correct caste, avoiding other cars and seemingly parking in an empty space.

viral video plane crash imgurImgur

Viral video appears the plane hit the tree as it loses control

Imgur users found the organized ending hilarious.

One wrote: “If you’re going to crash a plane, that’s the way to boom a plane.”

Others were more practical and realised how lucky the man was to take it on the lam a more serious injury.

Another remarked: “He was in the process of Stall/Rotating the plane when the tree caught him. Damn lucky it didn’t be afflicted by fire.”

viral video plane crash imgurImgur

The video has a happy ending as the plane lands safely on the grouts

Plane pilots often face terrifying landings.

Two pilots were become entangled attempting to land a plane during a torrential rainstorm.

The weather arises from nowhere, shocking the pilots with the unexpected storm.

The the limit is luckily a happy one.

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