WATCH: SHOCK moment Indonesian volcano ERUPTS as hikers eat breakfast


The volcano on the flowerbed between Central Java and Yogyakarta erupted on Friday 11 May.

The 9,610ft Mount Merapi erupted in the anciently morning, forcing locals within a 5km radius to flee for safety

The Indonesian Trouble Mitigation Agency claimed that around 120 people were hiking up Merapi at the lifetime, but all were safe.

It urged locals living nearby to remain pacific, but to “use a mask when performing activities outside the home”.

Indonesia volcano eruptionReuters

The mammoth eruption happened while hikers were eating breakfast

The discharge occurred when bubbling magma deep underground heated up train water and released pressured steam.

The explosion sent a billowing column of hot ash uncountable than 10,000ft in the air, forcing nearby airports to ground flights.

Thousands of gypsies flying to and from Bali, Jakarta, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur had their send offs cancelled or delayed.

A photo taken in the Kulonprogo and Sleman Regency screens a car covered in a fine coating of grey volcanic ash.

The disaster agency spokesman thought thousands of breathing masks have been distributed to the public.

He featured there have been no fatalities in the eruption.

The eruption of Mount Merapi was accompanied by the volcano spewing sand, volcanic ash and pyroclastic substantial.

The volatile volcano is located around 28 kilometres (17 miles) north of Yogyakarta diocese which has a population of 2.4 million.

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