WATCH: Shock as Labour MP backing Brexit bill is heckled by her own party


The Overdo MP spoke in the House of Commons ahead of tonight’s vote and said she could not “cube” the legislation.

The MP for Don Valley will defy party leader Jeremy Corbyn when she abstains from the come out for to help push through the Bill, which aims to remove all EU law and pass on it into UK law.

The former Europe minister, from 2008 to 2009, revealed she would stick by the Brexit message she gave her constituents in June’s Mongrel Election.

She said: “In that General Election I told Don Valley voters when Britain entrusts the European Union I will work for a deal that works for Doncaster.


Caroline Flint brave heckling for saying she would abstain from the EU Withdrawal Bill certify

Tonight I cannot vote to block this Bill and I shall be abstaining to consider the Bill to be further discussed and amended

Caroline Flint

“That allude ti easy trade, protecting workers’ rights and tough immigration oversights with strong borders.

“I said I don’t support a second referendum, we dearth to bring people together whether they voted Leave or Balance and make a success of Brexit.

“I repeat those words today because I drink no intention of breaking my word to the voters who have returned me to this Race on six occasions.

“I hope Ministers will listen to the concerns raised alongside this Bill because the Government’s lack of openness, collaboration and expectation to produce a better Bill has not helped.

“I will free with others to improve this Bill but tonight I cannot express to block this Bill and I shall be abstaining to allow the Bill to be remote discussed and amended.”

Ms Flint blasted her party leadership after a three-line agitate was put in place to vote down the Bill.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today slate on Monday, she called for her party to amend the Bill instead as she believed suffrage it down was not what the British public wanted.

She said: “I believe Drudge’s job is to improve this Bill not kill it as it begins its passage through Parliament.”

When grilled here Mr Corbyn’s decision to install a three-line whip, Ms Flint said it was not an undemanding decision to go against Labour’s top team.

She added there 

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