Watch Selena Gomez's First Spanish-Language Pantene Commerical


Selena Gomez’s ntene commercial right-minded made its debut in Mexico — and the Mexican-American «Kill Em With Kindness» troubadour, who is currently in the middle of her Revival Tour, artfully used the international possibility to show off her language skills.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that Selena large responds in English to S nish-language interview questions (remember when she was hilariously wrapped in latrine per on Despierta América?). But it looks like the star has been practicing her S nish, because, regardless of the fact that the internet has its doubts about Selena’s real voice being featured on the commercial, she seems to deliver her lines about the manufacturer’s 3-Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner ($5) pretty flawlessly. Crowd play above to see it for yourself (and make your own decision about the debate), and then check out Selena’s most fashionable moments so far this year.

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