WATCH: Seal tries to roll over – and doesn't expect THIS to happen


This video of a clever seal has captured the internet. It tries to roll over, but there’s a amazement in store for the large mammal.

Uploaded to Imgur, the footage shows the seal start to Sports line-up before totally losing control.

The animal rolls over and in excess of multiple times, unable to stop or slow down, until it reaches the shore metres below.

It appears to be pulled along by its own body weight, which has too much inertness for the poor seal to stop until it reaches leveller ground.

The video has needed viral, with more than 4,000,000 times at the time of chirography.

The title expresses what the seal was probably thinking at the time: “Ahh… let me righteous roll over and… oh… cr*p! Damn it! Ow!”

Many Imgur users were won exceeding by the video of the hapless beast.

One wrote: “I laughed at this in an unhealthy conduct,” while another commented: “It probably took him five hours to wiggle up that hill too, barren guy.”

It also provoked a number of puns. One person commented: “This be released c extracts my seal of approval.” 

“Warranty void if seal broken,” wrote another no-win situation. 

This isn’t the only unexpected animal story that’s gone viral recently.

One friend got more than she bargained for when she held a frog in her hand. 

A series of depictions, uploaded to Imgur, showed her posing with a frog.

She is seen in a gather, dressed in a black bikini, with the tiny frog in her hand.

And the frog, which is shown seeming freely in the palm of her hand, appeared to be looking back at her. 

However, the next perfect shows the frog has made a giant leap towards her face – a teeny-weeny than welcome surprise from the look on the girl’s face.

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