WATCH: Pregnant woman unable to board Disney cruise and escorted off by armed officers


A heavy with child woman had her holiday ruined after she refused entry onto the take off for being ‘too pregnant’.

Emily Jackson, 25, had flown with her kinsfolk to Miami where they hoped to board a six-day Disney Yacht. 

However, upon arrival, Emily who is pregnant with her third progeny, was denied entry and was escorted off the ship.

Ms Jackson reports that the purpose she wasn’t able to board was because she had “missed the pregnancy cutoff”.

A cut off pay heed to that doesn’t allow passengers on board that are over 24 weeks charged.

They had the guy with the gun following us. They had the K-9 unit

Emily Jackson

The footage leads Emily talking to the camera upset at how her family have been treated by Disney.

She and her derivation were denied access and subsequently escorted out of the docking area by armed escorts. 

According to Jackson, she and her young children were told to wait remote until their luggage had been located and they were assigned to leave. 

Emily told Miami’s WPLG: “They had the guy with the gun serve us. They had the K-9 unit.

“So we then had to take both babies outside, stoppage almost two hours for our luggage, outside in the heat, and both babies are red-faced.”

Disney Cruise Line: Pregant womanYouTube Emily Jackson

Emily and her blood were escorted off the cruise

Uploaded as a vlog post on her YouTube channel, she explained how armed men make the graded as a “scare tactic” after her father asked the staff to “hurry up” with their gear.

Cynthia Martinez, a spokesperson for Disney Cruise Line explained to Fox Newscast that staff were simply following protocol. 

She said: “While we recognize the guests’ disappointment with not being able to board the ship, for vigour and safety reasons, our policy does not allow women who have reached the 24th week of pregnancy to associate, which is consistent with other cruise lines and is noted on our website and in wanderings documents our guests receive before sailing.” 

“The Miami-Dade Police Subdivision is responsible for security at the port and handled the situation as they felt boost given the guest’s actions.”

Disney Cruise Line: Pregnant womanYouTube/Emily Jackson

Emily slip up oned the pregnancy cut off date

Disney Cruise Line: Armed Guards YouTube/ Emily Jackson

Emily and her family were guided by armed guards

Upset that their holiday plans were spoilt, Emily illustrated in her blog post that she was upset the children had to wait outside in the sunshine.

She say discussed: “As you can see, their faces are red” and “they’re so thirsty, all we had to drink was a little tiny bit of spirit.”

She went on to add: “Forget the policy OK? That is not my issue.

“What our problem was, was how they surveyed us after that point. I’m mad because of how they treated me and my children.”

Emily in the know WPLG that Disney Cruise Line has since offered to refund the blood’s travel acres but other expenses were not covered.

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