WATCH: Police officer SHOCKED when his routine traffic stop ends like THIS


It looks take pleasure in someone is in trouble, as a police officer’s dash cam video shows the law enforcement officer of the law walk up to a car.

He approaches the window of the dark vehicle, and appears to be speaking to the driver.

In what way, it seems the car is creeping slowly forwards.

The policeman appears to shuffle to deny up with the car.

Viral video showing police officerIMGUR

Viral video shows police get a car over – you won’t believe what happens next

Viral video manifests police pulling a car over and you won’t believe what happens next

Notwithstanding, it soon appears all is not as it seems.

Soon the policeman is zooming off into the footage, along with a lamppost.

Then it becomes clear that the camera is emotive, not the officer and the car.

The officer evenly notices his police car is running away from him and scuds to catch up with.

Police officer and carIMGUR

Viral video: Police officers officer’s dash cam video shows the law enforcement officer walk up to a car

It is indubitably to be the last time this policeman leaves his handbrake off.

Viewers of the video reaction on how mystified they were when first viewing it. 

One wrote: “I solicitude recollections the car was pulling off im like why is this cop so cool with this guy slowly drove away”. [sic]

Another said: “I thought the car was slowly pulling away! Until I realised the imperceptible was moving with it. The it hit me.”

Policeman runs back to carIMGUR

Viral video: It becomes clear that the camera is impelling, not the officer and the car

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Another recent viral video shows the hilarious tick a snowboarder attempts to jump onto a ski lift, only for this to turn up.

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Yet his skiing companion suffered the consequences.

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