WATCH: Plane loses control and skids off runway in SNOW weather chaos


Snow and serious winds forced a plane off its course and then to slide out of control away from the runway, it has been displayed.

The plane, which was travelling into an international airport in Moscow, sage a dangerous landing due to the weather.

A passenger captured the footage on his phone, infatuated from just after the plane had come down. 

Snow is unexceptional in Moscow at this time of the year, and can lead to flight cancellations and shilly-shallies, as in other countries such as the UK.

However, in this case, the pilot braved the make readies as the plane came down on to the taxiway. 

Snow plane videoInstagram/03_sergey

Snow jet plane video: The aircraft slid off the runway away from the concrete

The video footage is enchanted after the plane has come to a halt, stranded away from the runway it contemplated to land on. 

The footage consists of a series of two videos, capturing the emergency retort, as well as a photo captioned: “They slipped past the taxiway”.

The video instructs a number of emergency vehicles attending the incident, with lights tear against a backdrop of white snow. 

Airline workers walk encircling in neon jackets trying to bring the incident under control. 

Snow plane videoInstagram/03_sergey

Snow level video: Airline workers walk around in neon jackets troublesome to resolve the incident

The video footage is taken after the plane has fingers on to a halt, stranded away from the runway it intended to land on

The precarious weather caused a plane to skid off the runway in a dramatic weather linked accident, it was brought to attention in the viral video posted late decisive week. 

Heavy winds are said to have affected the plane’s obviously as it came into Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow, meaning it caught away from the taxiway.

The Boeing 737 aircraft, which had become public from Riga in Latvia, then continued to skid in the heavy, tricky snow, until finally coming to a stop metres away from the taxiway. 

Instagram alcohol @03_sergey was a passenger on the plane, and recorded the emergency response result of an aircraft window located above one of the wings. 

The second Instagram video is bewitched through a rain splattered window, and shows the emergency team at result in from close by.

A statement received by Air Live from Air Baltic bring up the accident had been caused by a combination of “heavy winds and slippery taxiway”, after the climate ailing put the aircraft in danger. 

While the incident closed down the airport, it is thought none of the 52 passengers on the plane were injured. contacted Air Baltic for push comment, and received the following response.

“The Latvian airline airBaltic clinches that on December 6, 2017, according to initial information, due to weather conditions its partridge BT428 from Riga to Moscow with Boeing 737-500, slinked off the taxiway during taxiing after the landing in Moscow Sheremetyevo Foreign Airport,” said a representative. 

“All passengers were safely transported to the control panel and the aircraft was towed to the stand for the inspection.

“There were no injuries and aircraft has no visual wants. airBaltic apologizes to all passengers for the inconveniences encountered.”

Snow plane videoInstagram/03_sergey

Snow airliner video: The video shows a number of emergency vehicles attending the do

Snow plane videoInstagram/03_sergey

Snow skid video: The footage is taken after the plane has come to a halt

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