WATCH: Passengers made to JUMP to plane wing after emergency landing with ‘unusual smell’


A take to ones heels was forced into an emergency landing in which passengers then lurched from the wing of a plane.

Southwest Airlines flight 3562 was migratory from Arizona to Texas on Sunday when the incident occurred.

After an “untypical smell” was discovered in the cabin, the pilots decided to divert to New Mexico airport.

Riders were told to brace as they landed, with one man filming what happened next.

A viral video shows a passengers obstacle from the plane wing after an emergency landing

Brandon Cox, a commuter on the plane, filmed the plane after it had landed and they realised they would desperate straits to evacuate the plane.

It was then that they discovered there was no exigency slide by the exit door of the wing.

This meant that they last will and testament need to jump as the video showed other passengers using a slink at another exit.

Instead, they were forced to jump scarcely 2.4m from the wing to the tarmac at the airport.

video plane landing evacuationTwitter/Brandon Cox

Viral video: Fares forced to jump from plane wing after emergency disembarkation

Exodus attendants can be heard yelling in the video: “Move away from the aircraft now!”

Cox excused: “I sent a couple [of] texts out to loved ones that you just don’t indeed want to have to send out.

“I hit the ground really hard and was just shell-shocked that I condign had to jump off the wing of an aeroplane.

Thankfully only a few were injured in the stagecraft that ensued.

video plane landing evacuationTwitter/Brand Cox

Viral video: Passengers at another door can be seen using slides to evacuate

video plane landing evacuationTwitter/Brandon Cox

Viral video: The other travellers were forced to jump from the plane wing to the tarmac

Southwest intimated CBS News in a statement that, «The Captain declared an emergency to receive precedency handling from air traffic controllers after deviating from the filed exit plan.

“After safely landing, 140 passengers evacuated the aircraft on a direct taxiway.

“Initial reports indicate five Customers requested assessment by medical personnel.»

Another shocking plane incident saw an aircraft skidding off a cliff in Turkey.

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