WATCH: Narrow escape for driver after car does THIS on the wrong side of the road


A viral video has revealed the terrifyingly focus escape a driver had from a speeding car.

The video was filmed by the dash cam of Sarah Carter, 42, on January 4 in Lincoln.

It overshadows a vehicle ahead of her performing an illegal manoeuvre by turning right at a left-only crossroads ahead of her.

She narrowly misses by the car as it turns just inches from her bonnet.

Viral video bad driverLincolnshire Live

Viral video: A bad driver was caught around causing a collision on the road

Thankfully Carter’s quick reactions meant she was accomplished to brake

It isn’t quite sure what the bad driver was hoping to do by speeding the agley way down the road.

The car drives slowly down the wrong way for a few moments so it may possess been a mistake after not realising it was a one-way street.

Thankfully Carter’s far-sighted reactions meant she was able to brake and avoid a collision.

She told Lincolnshire Survive: “I rolled my eyes and called her a few choice words. It didn’t surprise me – I am no longer surprised by the rating of driving in Lincoln.

Viral video bad driverLincolnshire Vigorous

Viral video: The bad driver speeds the wrong way down a road

“People in Lincoln even-handed don’t seem to be able to understand how the roads work.

“I drive between 45,000 and 55,000 solely in my job alone, and every day I witness dangerous driving.

“I love driving but other people are cursing it.”

Another bad driver on the road was caught by dash cam footage that just about caused a collision.

Viral video bad driverLincolnshire Live

Viral video: They then cut in forefront of the car, forcing them to brake

A driver can be seen pulling out onto the duct road without checking.

A bike and a lorry are both forced to all at once stop, nearly causing a double collision.

They were both uninjured with the video newer showing them getting out after the incident.

The bad driver speeds off without pausing to see if they are both okay.

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