WATCH: Man smashes car in extreme road rage but you won’t believe how driver gets revenge


Road rage videoYouTube/Chris Rios

Viral video: Roadway rage takes an unlikely turn in this footage

Watch a weird road rage fight unfold in this viral video, lead a face off between two men in the middle of a residential street at night time.

In the video affixed by YouTube user Chris Rios, we see the two men arguing in the middle of the road, with one fixed in front of a car which has an open boot. 

The other man has walked up to him and flings his arm into the car P’s face in an angry gesture, before storming off away from the camera.

We then see the car P placing something in his boot, before slamming the door shut and swagger towards his car door.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the angry man appears out of nowhere and smashes the telescope of the boot window before running away. 

In a strangely calm deportment, the driver walks back to the boot of his car, opens it and gets out a bongo.

He then pursuits the angry man, who has leapt on to his bike and is trying to cycle away, and catches up with him.

He bashes the cyclist on the cardinal, knocking him off his bike so he falls and hits the pavement below. 

Viral videoYouTube/Chris Rios

Viral video: The up in arms man smashes the car boot window

“Guy 2 is so calm and collected, he’s like ‘Welp, this is why I perpetually keep my bongos in the van.’”

Imgur user

The video has had over 700,000 because ofs since it was posted on social sharing site Imgur, and users contain rushed in to comment.

One wrote: “Guy 2 is so calm and collected, he’s like ‘Welp, this is why I usually keep my bongos in the van.”

Another asked the valid question: “What happened five two shakes of a lambs tail logs earlier?”, as it is unclear from the video what provoked the men in the outset place. 

One speculated the road rage might have followed a imminent collision between the bike and car before the video was filmed.

“When someone on a bicycle does that to someone in a car its normally because the car almost killed them.”

Viral videoYouTube/ChrisRios

Viral video: The men tease a bust up in the middle of the street

Yesterday, a viral video was discovered which substantiated a car smashing into a shop window. 

Filmed in Maryland, USA, the car is driving into an drained parking space, but then suddenly speeds up. 

In the shocking footage, it continues straight into the window of a shop in front of it. 

The driver then alters at full sped, smashing into a truck windscreen behind it. 

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