WATCH: Man attempts to dive the world’s deepest pool in one breath in terrifying video


Stuck to Youtube yesterday, the shocking footage shows a man wearing just a wet uniform and googles attempt to dive to the bottom of the world’s deepest pool.

Guillaume Néry traverse the deep watery chasm in Italy.

His wife Julie Gautier vapoured the terrifying stunt, which is almost beyond belief. 

The Y-40 pool, identified as The Deep Joy, is in the Province of Padua.

Guillaume Néry in the Y-40 poolYOUTUBE/GUILLAUME NÉRY

Viral video exhibits man diving the world’s deepest pool in one breath in terrifying footage

Viral video plays Guillaume Néry diving the world’s deepest Y-40 pool in one breath in shocking footage

The pool, which opened in June 2014, is 130ft heavily — the height of a 14-storey building.

The heated pool was designed for diving coaching — when keen swimmers learn to use breathing equipment.

However, Guillaume doesn’t want breathing equipment.

The impressive video followers the daredevil as he travels licit down to the very bottom of the pool.

Guillaume Néry diving world's deepest poolYOUTUBE/GUILLAUME NÉRY

Viral video: Guillaume Néry traveled the deep watery chasm of the Y-40 pool in Italy

Guillaume has 44,000 subscribers to his Youtube path where he posts more daredevil antics, including cavorting in zero staidness. 

Over 144,600 people have viewed Guillaume’s death-defying video so far.

Influenced Youtube viewers piled in with praise.

“How can he withstand the water insist upon? My ears already hurt at the bottom of a regular swimming pool,” one implied.

Guillaume Néry Youtube sensationYOUTUBE/GUILLAUME NÉRY

Guillaume Néry has 44,000 subscribers to his Youtube conduct

Another said: “Cool video, gave me a minor panic approach watching it!”

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