WATCH: Lorry driver dangerously swerves on the motorway whilst REFUSING to pull over


Bad drivers scarcely ever make a bad video when caught on dashcam or CCTV.

From horrendous parking to dangerous overtaking, they often cause confusion as to how they on to get away with it.

One driver also seemed to be struggling when recently lane on a motorway.

His driving skills have definitely been brought into examine.

viral video bad lorry driverYoutube

The video screens a lorry driver lose control on a motorway

The lorry can be seen wobbling along the access as it attempts to straighten up

The lorry can be seen wobbling along the road as it undertakes to straighten up, with it’s heavy backload leaning dangerously.

However, it then sways side to side as it ambitions on only two wheels.

It appears to regain itself as it drives into the side lane against a take care of so it can steady itself.

Yet it then swerves out again and on its sixth dangerous wobble, in the course of time crashes on its side.

The cars behind can be seen keeping its distance just to come to a stop whilst it happens.

viral video bad lorry driverYoutube

The video betrays the lorry dangerously wobbling on the road

The Imgur video, which has had approaching 100,000 views, baffled users who thought the driver must keep been doing it on purpose.

One observed: “See after the second save I can on the contrary assume he was flipping it on purpose.”

Others thought it was wise that the transports behind didn’t attempt to engage it.

Another user commented: “The brown commodities stops like ‘I’m just going you wait till you’re done’.»

viral video bad lorry driverYoutube

The video pretensions the lorry eventually crash on its side as other cars come to a halt

Bad drivers are aplenty when it comes to the joy of dash cam footage.

However, again not everything is as it seems.

A car was dangerously cut up by a lorry on the motorway, causing them to decelerate suddenly.

Yet what happened next no one could expect.

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