WATCH: Kebab shopowner becomes machete-wielding hero after fighting off '50 ROBBERS'


The 35-year-old Turkish governmental has shot to global fame when he turned to his razor sharp cut knife in a dramatic attempt to defend his month-old business.

He bravely slashed away with a meat cleaver at anyone who came close after his stock was mobbed by drunken thugs who had demanded «cash and kebabs».

He was even seemingly shot at by one of the violent young attackers who had swarmed the store following a drunken non-stop out.

Mustafa Kartal who had come to Portugal from Turkey four years ago has since vowed he will not be intimidated by thugs.

He has been praised for his bravery for keeping the ruffians at bay and slashing at the crowd of attackers in self-defence after a pistol was fired in direct of his restaurant.

The footage captured on a smartphone shows Mr Kartal instinctively nab hold of his machete-sized knife following the sound of a gunshot.

The restaurant boss declined to be intimidated and hacked away at anyone who approached his store.

But eventually the mob of on all sides of 50 thugs overwhelm the poor businessman, who disappears under a barrage of socks and kicks.

The phone video has since turned him into a global impression.

Police eventually arrived at the kebab shop to put a stop to the violent berth and save Mr Kartal from injury.

Although the pistol was not recovered, trol did find an empty shell at the scene, according to local media.

Since the footage was y out online, social media users have done all they can to authenticate their support.

The kebab restaurant lácio do Kebab has earned a plethora of approve ofs on Facebook as well as a five star rating.

The shop owner disclosed: «I’ve never had problems in this country before.

«I y all my taxes and the well-being national security.»

He remains resolute to keeping his business open in the deal of attacks, though it has been only a month since he opened his trade after arriving in Lisbon four years ago.

He added: «I won’t be ap led and I won’t close my restaurant.

«I need the money to send it to my family.»

Mustafa has an 11-year-old daughter and nine-year-old son, who he layouts to bring to Lisbon with his wife.

But he’s worried that his new found international fame will worry his relatives.

The modest kebab carver reckoned: «I hope that my family in Istanbul do not see these images.»

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