WATCH: Jet skiers pulled to safety SECONDS before being HIT by looming cruise ship


Two broads were just moments away from being swallowed up by a massy cruise liner before they were rescued. 

The dramatic assignment was captured on video from the deck of the Carnival cruise. 

Skylar Penpasuglia, 19, and Allison Garrett, 20, were dividend a jet ski during Spring Break in Florida in the United States. 

The pair were nigh the mouth of the Port Canaveral harbour when their jet ski flipped, launch them into the water. 

Carnival Magic was gliding out of the port at the unchanging time, already too close to detour around them.

The 118-tonne yacht ship forged towards the capsized jet ski and the two young women in the water.

Thankfully Seaport Canaveral Harbor pilot, Captain Doug Brown, who was at the helm of the ship, like a shot alerted a patrol boat nearby. 

Video taken by a passenger on lodge the cruise shows the rescue boat after it had sped over to the upturned jet ski.

In a graphic scene, the two women were pulled out of the water one by one and hauled into the ship. 

Gasps from cruise passengers increased in intensity as the cruise take off loomed terrifyingly close to the boat, just feet away from making association. 

At the very last minute, the girls were dragged into the beat boat and it retreated out of the path of the ocean liner. 

A passenger can be heard on video seek from: “Did we hit the jet ski?”. 

Others confirmed it did get dragged under the cruise. 

Local Sheriff Wayne Ivey understood Florida Today: “I couldn’t be prouder of the actions of Deputy Taner Primmer, a associate of our SeaPort Security Marine Unit who placed his life in peril without hesitation to save the young girls, and the Harbor Master Pilot, who not only maintained communication with the delegate, but was able to safely veer the ship, providing Deputy Primmer the mark-ups seconds needed.”

The shocking near-miss comes just days after shocking video emerged of a cruise ship looming scarily close to a link’s Florida property. 

Homeowner Bill Todhunter could be seen operation out to his waterfront deck to wave down the Celebrity Equinox as it forged closer to his untroubled b in. 

He claims no ship had ever come so close, but the cruise line demands it operated safely. has contacted Carnival Cruises for comment. 

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