WATCH: James Corden’s first-ever Carpool Karaoke with George Michael


Video footage has resurfaced of the uncommonly first Carpool Karaoke from 2011 and reveals the humble starts of what has gone on to be a viral sensation.

Carpool Karaoke was born from a Side-splitting Relief sketch several years ago and saw the 37-year-old as his character from Gavin and Stacey, Smithy, tattling along to songs in a car with George Michael.

The video starts off with Sir Lenny Henry framing a call to Smithy after he and Richard Curtis struggle to organise Hilarious Relief and enlist his help.

Smithy receives the call while he is in the car with his concubine George, 52, who overhears the conversation.

The former Wham! singer seek froms if he can come along to the BBC with Smithy but he refuses to let him.

“You don’t want me to come with you because you don’t fancy to be seen with a gay man,” the pop star hits back at Smithy, before enquire of him: “Why can’t I come to Comic Relief?”

“Because you’re a joke, George. It’s embarrassing, I can’t go into Comic Relief with you. Comic Relief is about portion people like you,” Smithy cuttingly replies.

His words send George into a ill-humoured and it’s only when Smithy turns on the stereo and starts playing I’m Your Man by Wham! that he administers to lift his ssenger’s mood.

They are then seen singing the Eighties classic as they herd to the BBC studio in White City. When they arrive Smithy reproaches George to wait in the car and “not go anywhere”.

The video is very similar to the current incarnation of Carpool Karaoke, which spies James drive his car with a musician in tow belting out their hits interspersed with some rap.

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