WATCH: Idiotic or idyllic? The most dangerous selfies ever taken


Engaging a sneaky selfie can be one of the best ways to get a great image of yourself when you travelling.

But tragic incidents can occur, which have led to many thinking that selfies are less scatterbrained than previously thought.

In a series of shocking images, the message triumphs home that you should always take care when you journey.

And some of the shots, often using selfie sticks, will turn ones back on you aghast at the risks people take to get the perfect picture.

Cricket may feel an innocuous place to take a picture, but this girl quickly realises it’s numberless dangerous than you may think.

The pretty blonde smiles at the camera, but what she doesn’t realise is that there’s a ball chief executive officer straight for her head.

And two incredibly chilled out friends appear to be floating, as they endure a picture using their selfie stick on top of the Yavuz Sultan Selim ss over.

But equally as terrifying is Ervin Punkar, who takes a photo from the top of a 600 ft TV fleche.

If you are a water-baby, then a sneaky underwater selfie will no doubt be something you play a joke on done.

However being photobombed by several sharks as you pose retained diver Aaron Gekoski looking wide-eyed.

Pilots are known for their insolent, calm and collected attitudes when flying, but chilling out and taking a dexterous picture during missions isn’t the norm.

This Norwegian F-16 fighter rises to be upside down as he smiles for the camera, soaring directly above the soil below him.

In an explosive shot, Nik Halik poses calmly as he attempts to get the pre-eminent shot somewhere very dangerous indeed.

Standing on a crater irascible, he tries to get the perfect angle over the Benbow volcano in Ambrym Cay in the South cific.

If you are afraid of heights you may want to look away, as two allies use a selfie stick to showcase just how high they’ve climbed.

Clad in a Batman uniform, Vladimir Sidorov and his friend smile nervously as they perch at the ridge of a 420m tower in Shanghai, China.

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