WATCH: Hilarious moment unsuspecting surfer is knocked over by THIS


Surfing can be a awfully dangerous sport even for professionals.

The water can be scarily unpredictable when out at sea.

One man establish out the hard way just how much it can do to someone so suddenly.

Luckily he appears to be okay afterwards if well-grounded shocked.

The small wave totally quickly becomes something much scarier

The video shows a man skilfully surf the wiggles in the ocean.

Yet the small wave very quickly becomes something much crawlier.

In an instant, a huge wall of water double the height throws the out man into the air.

A few seconds later he drops straight back down and booms into the waves.

surfer failingImgur/5HPQa

A surfer was caught on video being hilariously pinched out by a huge wave

Imgur users were impressed by the size of the billow and couldn’t resist a joke.

One stated: “Ride’s over, everybody off!”

In any way, some were less impressed with the man’s skills.

Another erased: “Gnarly dismount Brah.”

surfer falling offImgur/5HPQa

The surfer is shown being inflated into the air, only to drop down as the water knocks him off balance

Surfing can be a attracting sport to watch when it goes right.

One man shows off his amazing aptitudes in the sea on a surfboard.

However, one man tried to do his own version of a surf only to fail spectacularly.

The assault ends with the man in a boat crashing comically into a tree.

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