WATCH: Hilarious moment man tries to prank drivers…only for THIS to happen


Drivers scamper on roads can be a very dangerous issue.

However, there aren’t profuse things other people can do about it.

Yet one man took it into his own hands to undertake to solve the problem.

Despite this, it doesn’t quite go to plan.

The oversee car then stops, as the man in the outfit turns around to look

The video divulges the man dressed as a speed camera on the side of the road, as he flashes at drivers.

At any rate, a police car then drives up which he also targets.

The police car then visits, as the man in the outfit turns around to look.

The car then reverses and attempts to get the drift of the man, who then runs off in the chase.

viral video hilarious police pranksterImgur/jA7DN

A viral video leads the hilarious moment a prankster gets caught by a police car

However Imgur consumers didn’t find it as funny.

One wrote: “It’s because of the flash… congenial laser pointers they are bad at night for drivers!”

Others weren’t so struck with the police cars actions.

Another commented: “A bit dangerous prosperous in reverse. This is not how the Police should behave.”

viral video prankster driversImgur/jA7DN

The prankster dazzles at drivers whilst dressed as a speed cam, only for police to chase him

Another inauspicious driver was caught out by the police, albeit for different reasons.

A dashcam video exposes the moment a bad driver attempted to cut off other cars on a motorway.

His actions ground others to heavily slam their brakes on.

Unbeknownst to him, one of those motor cars was a police car.

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