WATCH: Guests check into ‘disturbing’ hotel room and discover they are NOT alone


Two men were left-wing disgusted when they checked into the Econlodge in Rockport, Texas.

The dwelling was in a disgusting state and had clearly not been cleaned.

But most shocking, the two men done realised they were not alone.

The bed was riddled with bed bugs.

And the full room was crawling with cockroaches.

Searching for the critters, they were horrified to locate the room was also covered in stains.

On the bed was what appeared to be bloodstains.

The two men also claimed to judge semen on the sheets.

The chair, carpets and phone are black with scum.

Despite the disgusting state of the room, the ir found an envelope port side by a cleaner named Michelle for them to leave a tip in.

The video has gone viral online. It’s been witnessed over 66,000 times.

One user wrote: “This room is so unsettling.”

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