WATCH: Google Maps captures young woman doing THIS on her bike


google maps street view car womanGoogle

Google Maps has taking a hilarious moment with the Street View car camera

Google Maps again unearths the weird and the wonderful things around the world.

Some human being even pose for the Street View car, normally doing something insulting that Google then has to blur out.

However, one poor woman ended up being arrested on her bike as the car went past at an inopportune moment.

Thankfully she appears to be okay.

It then captures a Japanese woman riding her bicycle, hit the sack onto the same road as to the car

The Google Maps Street View car be clears to be driving down a residential road.

It then captures a Japanese lass riding her bicycle, turning onto the same road as to the car.

As the car continues, she crops to be wobbling slightly as she drives closely to the side of the road.

In the next facsimile, the camera shows the poor woman having fallen into the ditch with her bike perfidious on the floor.

She appears to be in quite a painful position and hopefully wasn’t too severely hurt.

google maps street view car womanGoogle

Google Maps then shows the infertile woman falling into the ditch as the Street View car goes heretofore

The car does appear to have moved over to the right to allow numberless room, however, it makes for a funny photograph.

It’s not the first time Google Maps has apprehended something odd when mapping the streets around the world.

A man was spotted on the concourses of New York, seemingly normal and looking towards the camera.

However, a minute view shows something very bizarre.

google maps street view car womanGoogle

Google Maps then guides the Japanese woman lying against the wall having fallen in

The man emerges to have a cat resting on the top of his head.

It appears to be effortless, with both the man and the cat looking more calm.

It has since gone viral after being captured on Google Maps, with assorted online users stating that they have seen the man rove around the Big Apple.

No-one seems to know his name.

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